Click, Link, Compete

by Charles L. Chen (

Click, Link, Compete aims to make multiplayer gaming simple on Android.

To developers, it offers a layer of abstraction over the Bluetooth APIs; instead of worrying about sockets and input/output streams, developers can think in terms of sending messages and responding to message received events.

To players, it offers a gaming lobby that enables players to simply CLICK on whether they want to host or join a game, LINK their phones, and COMPETE.

Click, Link, Compete is still in early beta; feedback and patches are VERY welcome!

As with all the other apps on AppsForAndroid, Click, Link, Compete is free and open source under Apache License 2.0. Feel free to use it in your apps (whether they are free or not), and if you build something cool with it, please let me know!

Click, Link, Compete Library (1.0.0) for developers

Click, Link, Compete Library JavaDoc

Click, Link, Compete Source Code